Welcome to Front Runner! Your Guide to Getting Swiped!

Ok, so who are we? What is this all about? Well as two single women we have noticed how dating apps seemingly cater to narcissists. I mean come on, who else would want to talk all about themselves, post their best Insta worthy selfies, and brag about their hobbies? What if you're shy? What if you don't take a lot of pictures of yourself because you're just out there living instead? Then dating apps seem intimidating, and often amazing people get over looked because we just don't know how to brag about ourselves.

That's where we come in. You ever notice how you'd never talk to your best friend the way you talk to yourself? Or how you think your friend is amazing but you're just kind of meh? Well let us be the friend who hypes you up! We will tailor your profile to your interests and what you are looking for in a partner. We'll help you write a bio, answer prompts, and select which photos to use. (Hint: they should probably be from within a year...)


Does anyone actually meet organically anymore?

Seriously...does this happen? It seems that these days the only way to meet someone is through dating apps. So you download all the apps, put some thought into your profile and wait for the likes to start coming in. Only they don't. This leads to frustration, questioning your self-worth, and on and on. Or you do get likes but they ghost you or worse unmatch you for no reason! (Seriously one of our founders was unmatched for asking someone what they're passionate about). So how do we attract high quality people? We have high quality profiles!


How do I get a high quality profile?

You let us help! Giving you an unbiased outside opinion we can help you to put your best self out there to attract the partner you desire. We start with a Zoom call to get to know you a little better, take a look a your current profile, and give you suggestions to improve. If you are comfortable, we will then perform a profile takeover! We want you to feel comfortable and like this is representing you, so if you want any changes to what we do, we do it. Free of extra charge. We want you to find your person, and we want to help.

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